Please see below for some of our most frequently asked questions regarding admission to Williamson. For any questions not answered, please contact the Office of Admissions.

When can I apply to Williamson?

You may apply any time after August 1st prior to your senior year of high school through mid-January preceding the fall semester for which you seek entrance.

Can I make a reservation for an Admissions Event before I submit an application?
Yes, but you must be a high school senior (or a graduate or GED recipient who meets the age requirement).
Can family and friends join me for an Admissions Event?

Yes they may, but we ask that you limit guests to two people if possible.

Will I have an opportunity to be interviewed at Williamson?

You will be invited back for an Applicant Interview Session, if you attend an Applicant Day. The dates for Applicant Interview Sessions will be announced during the Applicant Days.

Should I have letters of recommendation sent to Williamson? If so, to whom and when should they be sent?
Yes, you are strongly encouraged to provide letters of recommendation from non-family members, as these letters may assist the Selection Committee in determining the strength of your character. Letters of recommendation may be initiated via the online application. Questions may be sent to the Vice President of Enrollment Management, Jay Merillat, at
Do athletics or other extracurricular activities play a role in the selection process?
While applicants are primarily selected based on the criteria listed under “Selection Process” in the admissions booklet, the Selection Committee is also very interested in how applicants have spent their time outside of high school academic classes. Williamson seeks to enroll young men who are active and productive with their free time and engage in school activities, community service, and employment.
A “permanent legal US resident” is a United States citizen or a permanent lawful resident alien – an immigrant with an alien registration card (green card).
What are my chances of acceptance at Williamson?

In recent years, Williamson has been accepting approximately 25% of its applicants. Certain programs, such as Construction Technology – Electrical and Construction Technology – Carpentry have recently been more competitive due to higher application rates.

Can I apply if my family does not demonstrate a financial need?

Yes. However, coming from a family with greater income and assets may impact your acceptance through the selection process, especially if you are interested in one of our more competitive programs. In all cases where two applicants are otherwise equivalent, “preference shall always be given to the poor” according to the founder of Williamson.

Can I apply if I have a criminal record (even as a minor) or have attended an alternative high school?
Yes. However, since entrance to Williamson is extremely competitive, it may impact your acceptance through the selection process.
Can I apply if I have a learning disability or high school IEP (individualized education program)?
Yes, you may.
If I become enrolled at Williamson, may I use federal and state grants for Williamson books, supplies and fees?
Yes. However, as a general rule all federal and state grants are applied directly by the college to a student’s tuition, room, and boarding costs with the remaining balance addressed by a Williamson Scholarship. Directing grant funding towards books and supplies costs will likely result in a tuition bill for that same amount.
If I become enrolled at Williamson, may I use scholarship money for Williamson books, supplies and fees?

Yes, any non-Williamson Scholarship funding awarded may be applied to books, supplies, and fees.