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Welcome Class of 2W7

Your First Steps

Student PhotoWelcome Class of 2W7! The college has created this new Freshmen Bridge website to aid you in preparing to start Williamson this fall. The entire faculty and staff are excited for you to begin your 1000-day journey to becoming Williamson men. I invite you to review all elements of this webpage and to bookmark it for future use.

The webpage is divided into three specific sections: Academics, Residential Life, and Student Support. Please note that there are specific requirements that must be completed prior to arrival at the college in the academic and student support sections, so you may want to start your exploration into these sections first. If you have any difficulty in accessing any section of this webpage, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Enrollment.


While your academic experience at Williamson will be somewhat unique depending on your specific Trade program, there are number of proven steps you can take now to greatly aid you in your transition to the college. It is important to understand that college is different from High School and while there are a wide variety of student support services available to assist students, ultimately your success is dependent on your hard work and dedication. Take the time now to prepare a little your next big step into college!


In assessing student performance at the college, a primary consideration is mathematics, specifically arithmetic, algebra and geometry. These skills are essential in any trade program here at Williamson. With this in mind, we are requiring all incoming Freshmen to complete a mathematics diagnostic assessment during their New Student Workshop. The assessment results will provide the college a better understanding of your current mathematics skills and in which areas, if any, that you may need additional assistance. The office of Academic Affairs will reach out directly via email to identified students needing additional assistance with a helpful strategy to better prepare them for the start of academic classes. This may include required online course(s), taken at no cost to the student, that must be completed prior to fall attendance. We have found that an early college academic transition plan is a key component of a student’s success at Williamson. Questions on the mathematic diagnostic assessment and transition strategy can be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Additional Academic Resources

In addition to the two required mathematics courses, there are a myriad of resources available to you to assist your transition to Williamson. While not required prior to arrival, the resources can greatly assist in honing your academic and study skills.

Residential Life

Welcome Class of 2W7. It is an exciting time and there is a lot of information to share with you over the course of the next several weeks.

On or about Friday, May 1, 2024, you should look for an email from – that email will contain a few very important items:

Admissions will provide all of the requirements for what you need to bring with you to Williamson to start your freshman year. If after reviewing that information, you have specific questions, or if you do not receive that email by May 15th, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Our First Year Experience (FYE) program for all incoming freshmen starts on Tuesday, August 13. See you then!

Helpful Life Skills

Student Support

Williamson provides a wide range of support programs all solely focused on student success. While many of our programs are highlighted in the Student Handbook or College Catalog, we designed this portion of the Bridge webpage more as a Frequently Asked Questions section in the hope that it addresses many of the common questions freshmen typically ask. If there is a topic that is not addressed below, please contact the Office of Enrollment.
What is FYE?

Freshmen First Year Experience (FYE) is an integral first step in Williamson’s Leadership Development program. The four-day program running August 13-16, 2024, kicks off the start of the freshmen academic year in providing a unique experience highlighting the college’s core values, teamwork, and character development. Students receive training in diversity and inclusion, community service, and peer leadership. The program is experiential in nature that will challenge each student as they grow and develop as a unified class.

What should I expect during my required New Student/Financial Aid Workshop in the spring before my Freshman year?

At the New Student/Financial Aid Workshops, you should expect the following:

  • Information of how the financial aid process works at the college and assistance completing your FAFSA (and PA State Grant application, if pertinent).
  • Dates and expectations regarding mandatory events at the beginning of the Freshman year (First Year Experience and Freshman Registration/Orientation).
  • Information about the Summer Bridge Program.
  • Details on completing enrollment paperwork (drug test, final transcript, etc.) and details on payments (Books, Supplies, Fees & Deposit and Class Dues)
  • Opportunity to complete a number of online forms during the event.
  • A short diagnostic mathematics test to determine Summer Bridge math requirements (this is not something you can study for, nor should you stress about it)

A medical physical conducted by our college doctor (dress in loose fitting clothing and wear shorts, if possible).

What is the college’s immunization policy?

Information on the college’s immunization policy was provided to all accepted students on Friday, March 8, 2024.

What are the college’s dress and grooming regulations (hair length/style, shave, dress code, etc.)?
Williamson’s Student Handbook, specifically pages 42-45, provide details on the college’s dress and grooming regulations.
What is the deadline for my entry drug test results?

You must take your drug test at your appointed Quest facility no later than Friday, June 28, 2024. Ms. Ford has scheduled all incoming student drug tests, so please contact her with any questions at

When must my final high school transcript be submitted to the college?

The deadline to submit your final high school transcript is Friday, June 28, 2024. Your transcript should be mailed to the following address:

Williamson College of the Trades
ATTN: Registrar
106 S. New Middletown Rd.
Media, PA 19063

What is the deadline for my Books, Supplies, Fees, Deposit, and Dues payment and how much is it for my trade program?

Referencing your 2W7 Books, Supplies, Fees & Deposit form, the deadline to submit your payment is Friday, August 9, 2024. For information on your specific trade program, visit Annual Fees, Books & Supplies Information (don’t forget to add $200 for your deposit and $100 for your Class Dues):

When do sports camps start for Fall athletes (Football, Soccer, and Cross Country) and are they overnight camps?

Fall sports camp begins on Saturday, August 17, 2024 following Freshmen First Year Experience. It is an overnight camp. More information on Sports Camp will be sent in the early summer.

When does Freshmen Registration/Orientation begin and what should I expect?

Freshman Registration is mandatory for ALL students, including student-athletes who attend sports camps. Registration and begins at 11:45 am on Wednesday, August 21, 2024.  Students must arrive fully prepared to meet all administrative requirements of the college and remain on campus until their first weekend break on Friday afternoon, August 23. Students should bring to Registration/Orientation all items from the “Clothing & Necessities” list.  Activities will include:

  • Registration
  • Shop Orientation (introduces the student’s shop instructor)
  • Academic Orientation (introduces the student’s academic instructors)
  • Dormitory Move-In

General Orientation (introduces various members of the college’s administration)

Please see the Clothing & Necessities and Dormitory Items Needed lists that were provided with your acceptance letter for what you should bring to campus.