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Williamson College of the Trades is committed to the moral and religious development of each student. Chaplaincy programs are an integral part of the Williamson experience and have been since our school’s founding in 1888. Our programs center on instruction in the Christian faith, the heritage of the school’s founder, Isaiah V. Williamson.

Williamson stresses the importance of demonstrating respect for others’ beliefs and traditions. We do not permit exclusions of students of other denominations, sects, or creeds. Students can hold their own belief system as long as it does not cause physical or emotional harm to themselves or others.

In keeping with our Christian heritage, we believe our institution must:

What the Deed of Trust Says

The Williamson Deed of Trust directs moral and religious training to be non-sectarian. In the context of its writing in 1888, this is a non-denominational approach within the Christian heritage, including the tradition of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, the teaching of both the Old and New Testaments. It states:

“The school shall be non-sectarian, but the moral and religious training of the scholars shall be properly looked after and cared for by the Trustees. No favoritism shall be shown by the Trustees to any particular sect or creed.”

Daily Chapel Service

As part of Williamson’s commitment to providing moral and religious training, a nondenominational religious service is held each weekday at 7:30 a.m. in the Clara Schrenk Memorial Chapel in Rowan Hall. Because Chapel is a vital part of the college’s program, all students must attend. Chapel services emphasize moral and spiritual values presented from a Christian perspective, and include speakers from the staff, alumni, student body, and the community.

Optional Faith-Based Programs

Bible Study

A weekly campus Bible Study is available for all students on campus at Chaplain Howat’s apartment. The goal of Bible study is to equip Williamson men to read the Bible, apply it to their lives, and grow in their knowledge of God. Please contact Chaplain Howat for more details.