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While college is in session, all students are required to live on-campus in one of the dormitories from Sunday evening until Friday afternoon. Each dorm houses approximately twenty-four students. The dorms are furnished simply, but comfortably, with a lounge for relaxation. Each dorm has a staff Dorm Manager who ensures the dorm is kept clean and orderly. Each student is expected to follow Williamson’s housing and dorm room regulations, as listed in the Student Handbook. The regulations are intended to ensure a residential atmosphere that is safe and conducive to wholesome living and study.


Counseling services are provided by a qualified Counselor who also serves as the Chaplain. The Counselor offers assistance to students with personal problems and social or religious concerns. All sessions with the Counselor are strictly confidential. The college may also draw on outside counseling resources as needed. While other staff and faculty cannot legally counsel students, many are willing and able to help mentor students through difficult times.

Health Services

The Health Services Office is located on the lower level of Rowan Hall. Health care is provided by a registered nurse from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The nurse provides appropriate care or referral for illnesses and injuries that occur during school hours. Additionally, Riddle Memorial Hospital and Crozer-Chester Medical Center are located less than 5 miles from the campus, and many specialized health care facilities are in close proximity.

Health Services follows the guidelines of the American College Health Association, expecting students to accept responsibility for their own health and to realize that wellness and maintenance of good health habits should be a way of life. Students are financially responsible for their own medical/dental expenses.

Williamson requires students to be compliant with the college’s vaccination policy. Please see the 2023-2024 Student Immunization Policy Letter for more information.

Career Services

Located on the second floor of the Strine Learning Center, the Office of Career Services is available to help students and alumni find full- and part-time employment. Supervised by the Director of Placement and Internship Programs, the office provides a variety of services, such as career advising; assistance with job search strategies, resume preparation, and interview skills; and access to a variety of employment resources. Students are free to use Placement Office resources, but may not remove them from the office. Graduates have had an outstanding placement record, however, the college neither makes nor implies a claim or guarantee of employment.


Students are responsible for their own laundry. Washers and dryers are available on-campus.

Student Clothes Closet

Due to several factors, students often have financial difficulties in meeting the college’s required dress code. To meet this need, Williamson has provided donated clothing to needy students on an as-needed basis through what has become known as the Student Clothes Closet. In recent years, Clothes Closet has grown from having a small collection of used clothing to offering items ranging from suits and sport coats to dress socks and shoes.